4 Diabetes Supply Storage Solutions for Children

4 Diabetes Supply Storage Solutions for Children

Having to keep a bunch of delicate, medical items safe and in close proximity all the time is not something any kid finds easy to do. Explaining the importance of these things to a diabetic child is no easy task for any parent, but having an organizer that both keeps the necessary gear safe, and looks appealing to a kid can be very helpful. Of course, some children will prefer to keep their diabetes kit private, while others might turn it into a bit of a conversation piece at school. Either way, here are four excellent options that your child might enjoy, and that will give you peace of mind in terms of keeping the delicate equipment inside safe.

Kids’ Double-Pocket SPIBelt

This is a more discreet option, for kids that are both active, and who don’t want to show off their diabetic gear. The pouch is sturdy, it is designed to be clipped on a belt, and it has a back hole, so that the insulin pump can be connected safely, in a low-key way.

Love Bug Diabetes Case

Many of the best organizers for kids are made by the Myabetic brand. It’s no surprise, since the founder is also a Type 1 diabetic. This case has good structure, good organization inside, and has a special pouch for a cool gel pad, to keep the insulin at a proper temperature. And it’s adorable to boot!

Champ Sports Locker Diabetes Case

Another model by Myabetic, this is marketed more for boys with a passion for sports. It has the same quality of construction and design rigor as the Love Bug, and any of the many models available, that are bound to suit the tastes of any kid.

Sugar Medical Universal Organizer

Perfect for teens, this organizer is both roomy, safe, and stylish. With a special pocket for disposing of used test strips, a colorful but not overly zany interior, and an excellent structural design that will keep everything safe and sound, the Sugar Medical Universal Organizer is very appealing, and very practical at the same time.



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