13-year-old Dies of Leukemia Only Hours after Going to the Hospital for a Headache

13-year-old Dies of Leukemia Only Hours after Going to the Hospital for a Headache

In a tragic turn of events, a teenage girl shockingly lost her life at the age of only 13 only hours after she required some medical care for what only seemed like a simple headache and ear infection.

As it turns out, she was actually suffering from leukemia and had a lot of internal bleeding in various areas of her body, including her brain.

Julia Chavez attended Columbia County’s Harlem Middle School.

The Augusta Chronicle said that she was given medication at a nearby urgent care center after experiencing an ear infection and a headache over the weekend.

After collapsing on Sunday, the teenage girl was sent to an Augusta hospital where CT scans and blood tests indicated that she was suffering from leukemia.

Dennis Lee Chavez, Julia’s mourning father, took to his social media platform to write that “She had bleeding in her brain, stomach, lungs… everywhere. That is where we found out she had leukemia. It came so hard and so fast. Doctors told us that there was no way we could have known.”

Unfortunately, the young girl lost her life only a few hours after she was admitted to the hospital, the time of death being declared as 1:35 AM on Monday.

Her only noticeable symptom, according to family members who spoke to the Chronicle, was sporadic bruising, which they attributed to her tomboyish personality.

Caroline Pinkston, her teacher, spoke candidly about the tragic news of her student’s death, claiming that her fifth-period classroom isn’t the same without Julia.

Pinkston wrote that “Julia was the kindest, most big-hearted child I think I’ve ever met; even her speaking voice was sweet. She would talk to anyone and make them feel friended.”

On Friday, Julia’s funeral will be held in Grovetown.

In hopes of receiving some help with funeral and hospital costs, Venmo and CashApp accounts have been set up by the mourning family members.

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