100 Million People in the USA Could Get COVID This Fall

100 Million People in the USA Could Get COVID This Fall

The COVID pandemic seems far from over, although very few people would have said that a while ago. If we take a look at the daily reported infections and deaths caused by COVID in the US, we realize why the horror is far from over.

According to ABC News, the Biden Administration issued the warning that as many as 100 million people living in the USA could become infected with the coronavirus this fall. That’s about a third of the entire US population. The claim is indeed surprising, at least for the fact that the majority of the country’s population is vaccinated against the virus. So how could 100 million people still get infected?

Immunity waning and people moving indoors could represent a suitable ‘playground’ for the coronavirus

According to the same source mentioned above, scientists warn that the infections will automatically rise when people go indoors because of the cold weather and as immunity levels start to wane.

Dr. Shira Doron, who’s an infectious disease physician and also a hospital epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, explained that immunity would be reduced over time even in the context of high vaccination rates. She also invokes the virus’ ability to mutate.

Dr. Doron said as ABC News quotes:

Being vaccinated does protect you from serious illness, but it does not [fully] protect you from infection.

However, the same doctor calms people down by stating, as the same source cites:

Certainly we’re capable of sustaining 100 million infections this winter,

The model doesn’t mean that there will be 100 million cases, but there is the potential for a lot of infections. It doesn’t mean everyone should panic.

Dr. William Schaffner from the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, explained for ABC News the following:

These vaccines are great, but they’re not perfect,

They can’t prevent widespread, mild infections. We haven’t got a vaccine that could turn off COVID like a light switch.

According to data brought by worldometers.info, a total of over 83 million infections with COVID were reported by the USA since the pandemic started.

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