YouTube Will Remove Content Containing False Vaccine Claims

YouTube Will Remove Content Containing False Vaccine Claims

The company announced on Wednesday that YouTube bans many famous vaccination anti-vaxxers, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., from the site and would remove any information that indicates that the authorized vaccines are dangerous or do not function.

The Google-owned internet video network says in a blog post it cracks material claiming vaccinations might erroneously cause chronic health problems. It also focuses on the videos regarding authorized vaccinations that are misinformed.

All vaccinations – not only COVID-19 vaccines – are covered by the new prohibition. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Children’s Health Defense Fund was one of the channels being eliminated in accordance with the new policy. Healthy blogger Erin Elizebeth and Doctor Sherri Tenpenny from Ohio are also removed.

Within the framework of a new policy to reduce anti-vaccine information on the Google website, YouTube will block films that state that frequently used health authority authorized vaccinations are useless or harmful. In the past, the company has prohibited videos with false allegations about coronavirus vaccinations but not for vaccines like the shots against measles or chickenpox.

Misinformation scholars have for years declared that lifesaving vaccinations in the United States and throughout the globe are more popular on YouTube for anti-vaccine material. The rate of vaccination slowed down. All of the false coronavirus information was deleted from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in early epidemic. However, all three of the sites still include misleading claims. The social networks are also closely linked, and YouTube often serves as a collection of Twitter or Facebook viral videos.

“YouTube is the vector for a lot of this misinformation. If you see misinformation on Facebook or other places, a lot of the time it’s YouTube videos. Our conversation often doesn’t include YouTube when it should,” explained professor Lisa Fazio.

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