World’s Most Used Corona Vaccine: Sinovac’s Efficiency Against Delta Variant Is Out

World’s Most Used Corona Vaccine: Sinovac’s Efficiency Against Delta Variant Is Out

The subject of coronavirus vaccines has been lingering in the headlines a lot due to their efficiency, but also various issues about their potential side effects.

Now, it’s been revealed that Sinovac Biotech’s coronavirus vaccine has become the most used in the world, with over 943 million doses delivered worldwide.
According to the latest reports, by the end of the year, there could be more than 2.9 billion doses of the Chinese-developed vaccine made, according to the London-based science information and analytics firm, Airfinity, on Wednesday.

Boosting vaccines’ protection

The vaccine has been revealed to protect against disease and hospitalization in clinical and real-world studies around the world. 

Experts are calling for more info on how well this works against the Delta variant and whether booster shots will be required to boost protection. 

“We still see many [health care workers] survive and have mild symptoms. It gives us confidence that to a certain degree Sinovac has effectiveness against the new variant, that is why we recommend people have it.”

This is what Dicky Budiman, an Indonesian epidemiologist at Griffith University in Australia who collaborates with LaporCovid-19.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Check out more details in the original article. 

Some vaccinated people are dying from Covid 19

Fox News notes that almost half of the country’s recent COVID-19 deaths are of people who have been vaccinated. But doctors and scientists aren’t sounding the alarm about the apparently high proportion of deaths among the vaccinated population.

On the contrary, they say the figures so far offer reassurance that vaccines offer substantial protection against the variant, particularly after two doses.

In case you did not know by now, Delta, first identified in India, has since spread to at least 85 countries.

Stay tuned for more news about the novel coronavirus and make sure to remain safe these days during such troubling times. 

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