WHO’s Proposed Pandemic Treaty To Enable WHO To Take Over The World

WHO’s Proposed Pandemic Treaty To Enable WHO To Take Over The World

It seems like the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty will be taking over the world. Check out the latest reports about this below.

“Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO “to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health”. In addition to that, it will remove human rights protections, enforce censorship and digital passports, require governments to push a single “official” narrative and enable the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim.

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“We’re undergoing a soft coup… under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda.”

Someone commented: “Please do not predict what will happen because that is exactly what they want us to do. They would like this and this to happen. Not this will happen. Thank you.”

Another follower said: “And these progressive Dems and collaborating RINOs want to give the WHO/UN the power to do it. Vote them out or we’ll lose the founding principles of our nation and become “global citizens.””

Another follower posted this message: “There’s NO climate change. Earth is a living organism and knows what it needs; all “natural” disasters are man-made!
Vaccinations are NOT for preventing viruses & diseases but for altering our DNA in so many negative ways; hormone imbalance, gut dysfunction, etc which affects the health.”

WHO in the news

In May, it was revealed that Congress is investigating the Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET) initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO). This investigation was prompted by reports that the WHO plans to use “social listening surveillance systems” to monitor public speech for “misinformation.” Critics argue that unelected bodies should not have the power to suppress speech and potentially infringe on national sovereignty. According to the PRET document, “misinformation” is considered a “health threat.” Disagreement with the WHO’s policies and recommendations is categorized as part of an “infodemic.”

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