What is a PleurX Catheter and How Does It Work?

What is a PleurX Catheter and How Does It Work?

The PleurX drainage catheter is a flexible and thin device that is put into the thorax to remove fluid from the space between the lungs and to make it easier for the patient to breathe. If there is an abnormally large amount of liquid in your pleural space, you run the risk of developing difficulties. You will need to seek the advice of a trained medical expert to identify the most appropriate next steps. However, it is usual for the pleural cavity to retain a small volume of fluid as a result of the fact that this fluid makes breathing easier. This is due to the fact that the fluid makes it simpler to breathe. One of the potential courses of action is making use of a drainage catheter designed by PleurX.

How Does a PleurX Catheter Work?

The pleura, which are made up of two layers of tissue, surround and protect your lungs. In addition, the pleural space is the name given to the region that may be found between each layer. The fact that there is a small quantity of liquid present in the pleural space is not unusual. But when you take on more than is appropriate, it can be challenging for your airways to expand, which leads to an unpleasant feeling of being short of breath.
This is where the PleurX drainage catheter does wonders.

Any PleurX catheter device comes with the following components:

  • A catheter: One end of the catheter in question will be left in the pleural space, while the other end will be retained outside the body.
  • A 1-way valve: placed on the end of the catheter outside your body, allowing pleural fluid out and not letting air in.
  • A valve cap: it protects the valve and keeps it clean.

Remember that it’s essential to discuss with a specialist any health concerns that you may have. That way, you’ll get the most appropriate medical care!


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