What Causes High Triglycerides: Diagnosis and Proper Treatment

What Causes High Triglycerides: Diagnosis and Proper Treatment

Did you know that your blood contains a form of fat called triglycerides and that your body really uses those fats as a source of energy? It is rather confusing, yet at the same time interesting. Triglycerides are necessary for our bodies, although excessive levels have been linked to an increased risk of coronary artery disease. Another possibility is that this is an indicator of metabolic syndrome. It is essential to have a conversation with an expert in order to receive the greatest possible medical assistance and treatment.

We put together a short guide that explains what the deal is with high triglycerides and what the risks are of having certain levels that are higher than normal.

Facts You Should Know About High Triglycerides

If you consume an excessive amount of foods or drinks that have added sugar or if you consume a lot of alcohol, you run the risk of having high levels of this fat in your body. In addition, several medications are known to trigger this syndrome. Triglyceride levels that are too high can also run in families, which is another concerning factor.

Keep in mind that it is essential to discuss with a physician any concerns about your health that you may have. Triglyceride levels alone do not often result in any symptoms. The levels can be determined using a blood test. The results will be most reliable if they are obtained after you have abstained from food and drink for a period ranging from 9 to 14 hours (fasting).

However, here’s the catch. It’s possible that you’ll notice fatty pimples under your skin if the disorder runs in your family.

The amounts of triglycerides are:

  • When they are fewer than 150 mg/dL, they are considered normal.
  • When they are between 150 and 499 mg/dL, this indicates a moderately high level.
  • Extremely high when the levels are at or above 500 mg/dL.

Treatment for High Levels of Triglycerides

It is possible that your physician will suggest that you take medication. A healthy lifestyle is one of the most effective and easiest approaches to managing excessive triglyceride levels. This involves engaging in physical activity, reducing overall body fat, cutting back on high-sugar meals and beverages, and cutting back on alcohol use.


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