WEF: The Attempt To Vaccinate The Whole Planet Failed

WEF: The Attempt To Vaccinate The Whole Planet Failed

It seems that the WEF acknowledges the fact that the attempt to vaccinate the whole planet failed. Check out the latest reports about this interesting issue and more below.

WEF makes important statements

Here is the relevant tweet about this issue below:

Someone else said: “Didn’t we see this in the James Bond movies? Buying up all the water -Quantum of Solace. [Sure I saw that the owner of Walmart is buying up all the subterranean water in the USA [pesky EO 13818/13848] and then we had no time to die about creating a deadly virus! They do love to tell us! Works well unless the people wake up!”

Here is a response to the follower above: “Yes we did. It’s all in No Time to Die. The targeted aerosol viruses especially. And they kill the hero in the end. What they keep forgetting is the hero always rises and wins in the end.”

WEF in the news

It has been revealed that the former presidential candidate Ron Paul is calling for the abolition of the World Economic Forum. Check out the relevant tweet below:

Someone commented: “This nation’s presidential candidate says, “[It’s] looking like the American people are ready to resist that.” So I will ask: what kind of military does the WEF have to pose a threat to the people of America?…FED?… money and power over people for politicians?”

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