WEF Says Countries Have To Sign Up To The WHO Pandemic Treaty – Disease X Preparedness

WEF Says Countries Have To Sign Up To The WHO Pandemic Treaty – Disease X Preparedness

The WEF said that the countries have to sign up for the WHO pandemic treaty in order to be prepared for Disease X. Check out the latest reports about this below.

WEF meeting on Disease X

Here is the relevant tweet:

Someone said: “I’ve lived a very long time and in all this time I’ve never seen a society being told to focus on disease instead of health. Imagine if this useless bureaucrat were encouraging everyone to work hard get healthy exercise and eat well instead of promoting fear. He is the best example of why the LAST thing we should do is listen to the WEF.”

Another follower said: “They learned a lot from COVID. The behavioural scientists and psychological warfare experts, have been able to refine their tactics for future use. Either the next time will be far more effective, or the public will surprise them with the level of resistance.”

Speaking of COVID and the vaccines, it really looks like Bill Gates has massive plans for humanity. He just said that the next-gen COVID vaccines will have a much longer duration, and they will be using patches instead of needles. Check out the video to see for yourself what he has to say.

Bill Gates addresses COVID vaccines of the future

Here is the video that has been posted on X:

Stay tuned for more interesting news about the matter.

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