WEF “Elites” Address “Brain Transparency”: Data Collected By Ear Pods To “Fight Crime”

WEF “Elites” Address “Brain Transparency”: Data Collected By Ear Pods To “Fight Crime”

The world is undergoing extremely rapid changes, and people are refusing to wake up. A worldwide awakening is needed in order to save life on Earth as we once knew it. Check out the latest news in this direction.

Here’s a video that is definitely worth watching:

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Meanwhile, more and more data is coming out in the light to reveal the truth about the covid vaccines. Check out the latest reports about this below.

The truth about mRna vaccines 

Andrew Bridgen has said nobody in the UK should have a Covid booster jab. The MP claimed the data ‘clearly now shows’ that the risk of serious side-effects from mRNA vaccines eclipsed the benefits in almost every age group.

He said he would withdraw his threat to sue Matt Hancock if he apologies after the former Health Secretary criticized him for comparing Covid vaccines to the Holocaust.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Bridgen said: “It’s no wonder the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) changed their advice. Nobody under 50, including children, is having boosters anymore, which is a huge relief to me. However when you look at the figures, it clearly shows that no-one should have had the booster because in no age group is there any net beneft, given the risk of a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine.”

He continued and said: 

“The only group who weren’t disadvantaged in any way were the over 70s with multiple co-morbidities. And even in this group, for every 800 people vaccinated just one person was kept out of hospital with Covid while one person also suffered a severe adverse reaction – so there was no overall benefit.”

He added: “Nobody benefits from the boosters. They should be stopped straight away. And we need an investigation into the excess deaths.”

Check out the complete original article in order to learn more details. 

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