Warning: CDC Issues New Health Alert

Warning: CDC Issues New Health Alert

It looks like the CDC has issued a new health alert. Check out the latest reports and see what’s this all about.

CDC issues new health alert

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning to healthcare providers to be on the lookout for cases of measles.

This comes after multiple outbreaks were reported in recent weeks, and an international traveler may have exposed thousands to the virus at two Washington-area airports. Between December 1, 2023, and January 23 of this year, the CDC received reports of 23 confirmed measles cases.

The cases included seven direct importations of measles by international travelers and two outbreaks with more than five cases each.

The CDC urges healthcare providers to be vigilant of patients who have febrile rash symptoms and other related measles symptoms such as a cough or conjunctivitis, especially if they have recently traveled outside the United States, specifically in countries with measles outbreaks.

Healthcare providers must report suspected measles cases immediately to state and local health agencies, which are then reported to the CDC.

“Do not allow patients with suspected measles to remain in the waiting room or other common areas of the healthcare facility; isolate patients with suspected measles immediately, ideally in a single-patient airborne infection isolation room,” the agency said, or they are urged to wait in a private room with a closed door.

“Healthcare providers should be adequately protected against measles and should adhere to standard and airborne precautions when evaluating suspect cases regardless of their vaccination status,” it said.

The agency has reiterated its recommendation that people should get vaccinated against measles and has urged healthcare providers to recommend the shots. In 2023, the CDC issued a similar health alert encouraging people to get vaccinated for the virus.

According to the alerts, the CDC stated that most cases of measles occur in young children who have not received the measles-containing vaccine.

Recent research published in late December 2023 suggests that if the measles vaccine is administered after the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine (known as DTP or DTAP), it has an overall positive effect. Conversely, if the order is reversed, a negative effect has been observed.

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