Using Zavzpret to Treat Acute Migraines: is It Safe?

Using Zavzpret to Treat Acute Migraines: is It Safe?

Fear no more the migraines, as a newly approved treatment is on the block! The wonderful thing about this migraine treatment is that it may be of tremendous assistance when required! According to Katherine Hamilton, MD, a neurologist and headache expert at MedStar Health in Washington, DC, zavegepant nasal spray now provides patients suffering from migraines with an additional therapy choice following its recent clearance.

In contrast to other medications in its category, zavegepant (Zavzpret), also known as a CGRP receptor antagonist or “gepant,” is administered in the form of a nasal spray. This method of administration allows the medication to be rapidly absorbed through the nasal passages, completely skipping the digestive system in the process. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! So, let’s discuss a bit about how safe Zavspret is, including its side effects and availability.

Zavzpret: the First Nasal Spray to Treat Acute Migraines

We have seen in practice that similar CGRP-blocking medications can be very effective for both acute and preventive migraine treatment. Even though we already use similar medications, it is always nice to have more options to try, since sometimes patients respond better to one versus another medication in the same class, noted Hamilton.

More important, Zavzpret has a chance to fill an essential vacuum in the existing alternatives for the acute treatment of migraine, despite the fact that migraine is not a condition that can be treated with a single, universally effective medication. However, what kind of risks does it pose?

According to the findings of a study in which 18% of participants had adverse effects, the most prevalent side effect of zavegepant was described as “taste disorders,” which consisted of a distorted perception of taste as well as the loss of flavor. The other most common adverse reactions to the nasal spray were feeling sick, vomiting, and having some discomfort in the nostrils. However, these reactions only occurred in 4% or fewer of those who used the spray.

When will Zavzpret be made available for purchase, and how much will it cost?

According to a spokesman for Pfizer, pricing information will be made public at the time of the launch, which is planned to take place in July 2023. At that time, it is anticipated that the price will be equivalent to that of other CGRP migraine treatments that have been authorized by the FDA.


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