Using Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks? What Health Guidelines Group Claims

Using Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks? What Health Guidelines Group Claims

It was promoted the idea that you could prevent heart attacks just by taking the drug that exists in everyone’s drawer: aspirin. But we all know that the online realm is full of unreliable claims. Thanks to a renowned health guidelines group, we now know that taking low-dose aspirin for preventing heart disease in older adults is a bad idea, according to Yahoo News.

There are bleeding risks for people 60 years old and upward and who didn’t suffer a stroke or heart issues, and they outweigh any benefits of aspirin. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force brought the claim.

Possible benefits for adults in their 40s

Those people in their 40s who don’t have bleeding risks could still have a small benefit, as the panel says.

Task force member Dr. John Wong, who’s also a primary-care expert at Tufts Medical Center, declared as quoted by Yahoo News:

Aspirin use can cause serious harms, and risk increases with age.

If aspirin cannot prevent heart attack, it can at least lower its risk of happening, as an older article of the FDA was stating:

It can help prevent a heart attack or clot-related stroke by interfering with how the blood clots. But the same properties that make aspirin work as a blood thinner to stop it from clotting may also cause unwanted side effects, including bleeding into the brain or stomach.

Otherwise, aspirin is usually used for reducing pain, inflammation, or fever.

The main ingredient of aspirin is found in plant extracts, and it’s been used for centuries as a pain reliever.

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