Urgent News: Experts Are Cracking Cancer Via Immunity

Urgent News: Experts Are Cracking Cancer Via Immunity

It has been just revealed that experts are managing to crack cancer through the help of our own immunity. Check out more details about this mind-blowing issue below.

Curing cancer – medical breakthrough

According to Professor Luke O’Neill, scientists have made exciting breakthroughs in immunotherapy that enable them to “crack cancer through the immune system.”

During his appearance on The Pat Kenny Show from the International Union of Immunological Societies conference in Cape Town, the Trinity Professor revealed that “half the conference is now about cancer,” marking a significant shift from before the COVID pandemic.

“The reason being is that, at long last we are cracking cancer through the immune system,” he said. “It’s called immunotherapy is the approach.”

The notes continued and said the following:

“There’s lots of keynotes, lots of sort of breakout sessions and many companies describing all this data – I’ve never seen the like of it. I mean, they’re using the word cure which as you know, is always a very kind of controversial term when it comes to cancer, but now they’re seeing patients responding for five, 10 and 15 years since the trials began. So, if there’s one area that really is dominant, I’d say it’s the cancer area.”

Immunotherapy’s help

According to Professor O’Neill, the keynote speech by Nobel Prize-winning immunologist Jim Allison about the advancements in immunotherapy was one of the main highlights.

Dr Allison is now optimistic that we will eventually achieve a 100% cure rate for melanoma.

“Now, Jim Allison, to us, is the Elvis Presley of immunology,” he said.

“He won the Nobel Prize in 2018 for this immunotherapy for cancer he devised. Things called checkpoint inhibitors that began the whole revolution in many ways of driving the immune system.”

Prof O’Neill said immunotherapy currently has a 20% to 30% response rate.

“That means one-in-five patients are being cured effectively, but the big mystery is why aren’t four-in-five being cured,” he said. “That’s the big thing he was addressing in his talk.”

The notes continued and revealed the following according to the original article: 

“One reason is there’s more than one checkpoint. Now checkpoints are the ‘off switch’ for the immune system and if you block the off switch, you turn the thing on. That was Jim’s kind of conception advance and a second checkpoint called PD1 was discovered after him – and with the combination now, they’re getting 50% rates of response. It’s not just melanoma, it’s lung cancer, triple-negative breast cancer is responding, even pancreatic is the real hope. So, if you combine two different checkpoint inhibitors you get a much stronger effect and he went through all that data.”

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