UK’s Euthanasia Policy With Midazolam Using COVID As Cover Is Getting More Attention – British Activist Maajid Nawaz Addresses The Crimes In New Livestream

UK’s Euthanasia Policy With Midazolam Using COVID As Cover Is Getting More Attention – British Activist Maajid Nawaz Addresses The Crimes In New Livestream

A few days ago, I decided that it was time to speak up again about the fact that during COVID, the elderly were forced to remain in hospitals, and, according to more reports, the doctors were using Midazolam to “treat” them, resulting in their deaths. This has also happened in nursing homes as well, and it’s definitely a scandal of enormous proportions.

Addressing the COVID cover-up in the UK euthanasia scandal

I wrote an article called “The Crime Of The Century: Midazolam Murders – Euthanizing The Elderly.” in which I detailed terrifying issues regarding systemic euthanasia – tens of thousands of elderly English were murdered with an injection of the end-of-life drug Midazolam.

“These deaths were then falsely blamed on Covid, which was the basis of the public fear campaigns used to justify the lockdowns and mass-mandated injections of the public (including children) with an experimental medical intervention that had zero long-term safety data.

“This paper shows that the UK spike in deaths, wrongly attributed to COVID-19 in April 2020, was not due to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was largely absent, but was due to the widespread use of Midazolam injections which were statistically very highly correlated (coefficient over 90 percent) with excess deaths in all regions of England during 2020. Importantly, excess deaths remained elevated following mass vaccination in 2021, but were statistically uncorrelated to COVID injections, while remaining significantly correlated to Midazolam injections.”

The widespread and persistent use of Midazolam in UK suggests a possible policy of systemic euthanasia.

Fortunately, my article did not go unnoticed, and important people rose up and addressed the issue, which is beyond vital.

Eric Clapton’s friend and song co-writer, Robin Monotti, saw my story and posted it on his social media account on X. People came and spoke up about their own experiences that simply destroyed their families.

A person said: “Crimes so horrible they were -and still are- beyond recognition or comprehension by most people. The crimes must be exposed. After the events of 2020, no one should ever again say “No, they would never do that”. They did, and they will again unless the people see it.”

Someone else posted the following message: “There were atrocities committed in Hospitals around the world, targeting the infirm and elderly. Doctors with the blessing of the government and under the cloud of “pandemic” killed or destroyed the health of otherwise healthy elders with zero accountability.”

Lots of people commented about their own experiences that destroyed their lives and families.

On the social platform X, where I shared my article, psychotherapist Linda Keen reached out to me and shared her extremely sad and terrifying story regarding the death of her mother:

NG163 was a covid protocol used to treat those presenting with respiratory issues.

British activist Maajid Nawaz was another important voice who saw my article and shared it on his social media.

“Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism” is a 2012 memoir by the British activist Maajid Nawaz, who is also a former Islamist. First published in the United Kingdom, the book describes Nawaz’s journey “from Muslim extremist to taking tea at Number”.

I was really happy to see that he decided to do a video on Rumble addressing the issue – this means that the critical subject continues to get more and more attention. I strongly suggest that you watch the video here. 

All of this is strongly connected to the atrocities of Project Fear – a weaponized move coming for the people in the UK. In 2023, I was writing that The Telegraph and the whole mainstream media, including BBC, CNN, The Guardian, and more, disclosed WhatsApp messages between the former health secretary Matt Hancock and the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case.

I suggest that you take a look at my previous article in order to learn more about the connection between this so-called Project Fear and the murders that took place in hospitals and nursing homes.

You can also watch a mind-blowing documentary about the issue by Unity News Network’s Jacqui Deevoy. On Rumble, you have the opportunity to watch Ickonic’s groundbreaking documentary, ‘A Good Death?’ for free.

Andrew Bridgen MP continues the fight against the medical atrocities – NG163

While a lot of people seem to have forgotten the murders that took place during the pandemic and the lockdowns, we must never let this go.

Why? Because hundreds of families have been destroyed, and even if it is not about us, personally, we must consider what others went through and do our best to help them fight for justice. It COULD HAVE BEEN us. Never forget that!

This is a fight against the NWO and its tentacles all over the world that we have to fight together.

Andrew Bridgen has all the necessary evidence of the death protocol NG163 that was being used.

“This report supports evidence I have been provided with over the last 12 months by relatives of those who were ‘treated’ under NG163.” he posted on X.

Bridgen made an extremely important point as well:

People continue to fight via social media and any other ways they can in order to raise awareness about this issue and bring justice.

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