UK MP Andrew Bridgen Continues To Highlight The Midazolam Murders – NG163: People Will Go To Prison For What Happened

UK MP Andrew Bridgen Continues To Highlight The Midazolam Murders – NG163: People Will Go To Prison For What Happened

It looks like the fight for justice regarding the midazolam murders continues, and the UK MP, Andrew Bridgen, is one of its leaders. The subject is maintained in the spotlight, and Bridgen continues to raise awareness about the murders of the century.

Andrew Bridgen on midazolam murders

People whose families have been harmed are fighting to get justice after the crimes that took place during the pandemic and not only.

One of the most important names who is involved in this is Andrew Bridgen – a member of the UK Parliament. He recently shared my story, “The Crime Of The Century: Midazolam Murders – Euthanizing The Elderly,” on X, and hopefully, more authorities will investigate the issue.

Here is the post that he shared, raising awareness on this matter that should not be left to die, along with he people that have been murdered.

Almost a year ago, I was reporting the horrifying details about Project Fear – a weaponized move coming for the people in the UK. Back then, I was writing that The Telegraph and the whole mainstream media, including BBC, CNN, The Guardian, and more, disclosed WhatsApp messages between the former health secretary Matt Hancock and the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case.

Now, we must raise awareness once again on the matter once more as we discuss the strong moves that are made by Andrew Bridgen MP and the people who are fighting for justice following the cruel murders that took place during lockdowns. These are crimes that have to be investigated, and the ones guilty have to pay for what they did.

The post that Bridgen shared has also been seen by Eric Clapton’s friend and song co-writer, Robin Monotti. He saw my story and posted it on his social media account on X. People came and spoke up about their own experiences that simply destroyed their families.

NG163 was a covid protocol used to treat those presenting with respiratory issues.

Robin Monotti continues to share my articles on his X account and we can only hope that his voice will also be heard:

Someone commented: “If an elderly patient is ill & they can’t be bothered to investigate, they refer the patient to palliative care to be given a morphine & Midazolam cocktail. I knew about the care home killings. What I didn’t know is that NHS hospitals are STILL killing people who could be saved.”

Monotti also shared the case of a psychotherapist who reached out to me to tell her story:

Please refer to my other articles about the issue in order to learn more details about the tragedies that took place.

Stay tuned for more news about the issue, and make sure to report any crime that you know has happened in hospitals and nursing homes.

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