Three Levels of Pfizer mRNA Vax Batches Were Flawed From The Beginning

Three Levels of Pfizer mRNA Vax Batches Were Flawed From The Beginning

It’s been just revealed that there are three levels of mRNA vaccine batches that have been flawed from the very beginning. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Covid vaccines were flawed

According to the latest reports, it’s been revealed that a trio of Danish researchers led by high-powered physician-investigator Peter Riis Hansen, Department of Cardiology, Copenhagen University Hospital-Herleve and Gentofe recently had a research letter published in peer reviewed journal European Journal of Clinical Investigation. Titled “Batch-dependent safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine,” the investigators found three groupings of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination batches with low, medium, and high rates of adverse events.

According to TrialSite contributor Dr. David Wiseman, “Is this modRNA degradation or DNA contamination.” The findings may correspond to Sasha Latypova contributions to TrialSite concerning various levels of vaccine safety associated with batches.

The original article posted the following:

“52 different BNT162b2 batches was associated with 7,835,280 doses administered to 3,748,215 persons (2340-814,320 doses per batch), and 43,496 SAEs were registered in 13,365 persons which came to 3.19 ± 0.03 (mean ± SEM) SAEs per person. “In each person, individual SAEs were associated with vaccine doses from 1.531 ± 0.004 batches resulting in a total of 66,587 SAEs distributed between the 52 batches.”

The terrible spike protein effects

According to new reports, it seems that there is a new paper from Germany posted on April 5, 2023 proves that the spike protein accumulates in the brain and causes death of brain cells (which would certainly explain a great deal of what we see around us). (click here)

Key findings:
“Our results revealed the accumulation of the spike protein in the skull marrow, brain meninges, and brain parenchyma.”

“The injection of the spike protein alone caused cell death in the brain, highlighting a direct effect on brain tissue.”

“we observed the presence of spike protein in the skull of deceased long after their COVID-19 infection, suggesting that the spike’s persistence may contribute to long-term neurological symptoms”

Spike protein damage:

Out of all COVID-19 viral proteins, only the spike protein was detected in brain parenchyma.

“suggesting that the spike protein could have a long lifetime in the body. This notion is supported by the observation that spike protein can be detected on patient immune cells more than a year after the infection – a recent preprint suggests spike protein’s persistence in plasma samples up to 12 months post-diagnosis”

“injection of spike protein induced a broad spectrum of proteome changes in the skull marrow, meninges, and brain, including proteins related to coronavirus disease, complement and coagulation cascades, neutrophil degranulation, NETs formation, and PI3K-AKT signaling pathway, demonstrating the immunogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in the absence of other viral components.”

We suggest that you check out our original article in order to learn more details about this. 

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