This Nasal Spray Can Protect You From All COVID-19 Variants for Months!

This Nasal Spray Can Protect You From All COVID-19 Variants for Months!

TriSb92, a chemical created by researchers at the University of Helsinki, may successfully prevent infection with any SARS-CoV-2 variation when used in its nasal spray form.

The chemical interferes with the spike protein of the virus by binding to a shared area of the protein.

Its effectiveness against even the most recent mutations has been demonstrated in experiments using cell cultures and animal models, and it continues to work for at least 18 months at room temperature.

By halting the virus’ transmission and dissemination, this discovery, which was reported in Nature Communications, has the potential to be a crucial weapon in the fight against upcoming pandemics.

Researcher Anna R. Mäkelä explains that “When administered nasally, the TriSb92 molecule is very effective in preventing infection, and trials carried out in cell cultures show that it also encompasses the latest variants, including BF7, XBB, and BQ.1.1.”

Animal experiments have also shown that, unlike masks, the molecule may prevent infection when sprayed into the nose, even several hours after getting exposed to it.

And since the molecule remains active at room temperature for many months, it can be used as a nasal spray, making it a convenient and easy to use treatment.

The findings have been released in the journal Nature Communications so you can learn more about it if you wish.

Although the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is now for now, nasally delivered protection can be a significant aid in stopping a possible reemergence.

“The latest variants effectively avoid immune protection provided by both vaccines and the COVID disease, and current vaccines aren’t effective in preventing transmission,” Mäkelä went on to share.

Additionally, individuals with weak immune systems and the elderly who do not develop enough immunity through vaccinations can be protected from dangerous illnesses using the nasal spray.

The researchers claim that the chemical may also be effective against SARS-CoV-2’s distant animal cousins, which are predicted to be the source of brand-new coronavirus outbreaks.

Mäkelä noted that “Since the region in the spike protein affected by the TriSb92 molecule has remained nearly unchanged in all viral variants so far emerged, it may be assumed to be effective against future SARS-CoV-2 variants as well. The easily and inexpensively produced TriSb92 may be a really important first line of defense in curbing a new pandemic, pending the development, production, and distribution of vaccines.”

And that’s not even all! Researchers claim that many additional viral illnesses, including influenza and other respiratory viruses, may be prevented using the same technique.

According to Mäkelä, “The approach stems from a technical solution based on a binder protein platform developed in Finland, which wasn’t originally intended for development of an antiviral drug. It provides a new opportunity for many new initiatives based on the correct identification of diseased cells or pathogens in patients,”

The chemical must undergo clinical testing as the next step before being made available for public use but the current results are truly promising.


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