The Truth Comes Out: Disabled People Were Given “Do Not Resuscitate” Orders During COVID

The Truth Comes Out: Disabled People Were Given “Do Not Resuscitate” Orders During COVID

I have been addressing the massive crimes that took place during the COVID pandemic for a really long time now. More and more truths are finally getting out, making sure to highlight the fact that all the so-called “conspiracy theories” were actually true facts. Check out more shocking details about what some of us already knew.

Do not resuscitate – the killer COVID protocols

Disabled Scots felt like their lives were ‘not worth saving’ during the pandemic after Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were secretly imposed on many of them, an inquiry has heard, as per the Daily Mail.

According to their recent article, as Covid began to spread, GP receptionists even called up those with disabilities to try to persuade them to sign up to the orders, which inform doctors that they do not want their lives saved in an emergency.

Glasgow Disability Alliance chief executive Tressa Burke talked to the Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry and described how some of her members were left so isolated during lockdowns they feared their bodies would not be discovered if they died at home.

“Lord Brailsford’s inquiry in Edinburgh is specifically probing the use of DNRs as part of its terms of reference,” the publication notes.

Giving evidence, Ms Burke said:

“Some people were finding out about DNRs because their GP surgery were approaching them, some were finding out because they discovered it while they were in hospital, or when something happened to them they discovered it in passing.”

She continued and said the following:

“‘So people were absolutely terrified and felt that the lives of disabled people were being devalued. Even the way it was being described when people were dying – “but they had a pre-existing condition” – as if that somehow writes off their life and devalues it and we should just expect all the disabled people to die anyway, and they’re not that worth saving.”

Here’s some “official” data regarding the DNR orders.

COVID murders – the Midazolam files

I also kept addressing the killer protocols during the COVID pandemic that were used in the UK.

The subject of midazolam murders refuses to die and remains in the spotlight. The amazing Neil Oliver is calling out the crimes on his live video, and below, you can check out the post on X in order to see what he has to say about the matter.

Here is the post on X that sheds light on the matter:

I’ve been addressing the matter of the midazolam murders for a while now, and the subject must not be put to sleep until the guilty pay for crimes against humanity.

According to more reports, the doctors were using Midazolam to “treat” them, resulting in their deaths. This has also happened in nursing homes as well.

Check out my articles about these horrible crimes addressed by people who have been harmed and whose lives were destroyed.

Stay tuned for more news about this important matter, and continue to fight for justice in any way you can.

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