The Gran Canaria Pride Festival Has Been Linked To Multiple Monkeypox Cases

The Gran Canaria Pride Festival Has Been Linked To Multiple Monkeypox Cases

Since multiple monkeypox cases have been connected to the Gran Canarian pride event attended by 80,000 people from Britain and around Europe, the event is being examined. Taking place from the 5th to the 15th of May each year, the Maspalomas Pride Festival draws people from all across Europe. A number of persons who attended the festivities later screened positive for the monekypox virus, which is being investigated by public health officials in the Canary Islands.

Thirty-six patients have been confirmed to have been identified in Madrid, but it is not yet clear whether one of them is case zero, or whether everyone was infected at the same time. Two males in the Canary Islands have been linked to the LGBT+ event, one of which has been confirmed. There have been proven instances of monkeypox in Spain related to a sauna, which the authorities are looking into. One of the individuals infected with the virus from Italy has been verified to have been to the Canary Islands, while officials deny that the guy from Tenerife visited this place. The virus was spread to a second Italian visitor to the Canary Islands who was unlucky enough to have come into contact with it. Each of the three Italian guys infected with the virus is completely unrelated to the other two victims.

The number of cases is on the rise

A leading British specialist projected that the number of cases of monkeypox in the UK will “significantly increase” in the coming weeks, citing the country’s 20 confirmed cases and more than 100 confirmed cases throughout Europe.

The monkeypox virus causes the illness, which was initially discovered in monkeys and may be passed from human to human via sexual intercourse.
More than 20 cases have been verified in the UK and nine other nations, notably Spain, Portugal, as well as Canada, have also reported outbreaks of the virus.

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