The Future Of Cognitive Warfare Involves Infiltrating The Mind

The Future Of Cognitive Warfare Involves Infiltrating The Mind

Expert Robert Malone says the fact that infiltrating our minds is the future of cognitive warfare. Check out the latest reports about the newest gen warfare below.

Mind is the battlefield

As per James Giordano, a biosecurity expert, the brain is going to be the battleground of the future. Cognitive warfare, according to Mr. Giordano, has two primary dimensions.

He explains that the first dimension involves accessing the neurological systems and mechanisms, which have been identified as operative in both individual and group cognitive processes.

In simpler terms, it means accessing the parts of the brain that govern decision-making and behavioral patterns.

Mr. Giordano, who is the director of the Institute for Biodefense Research in Washington DC, explains that there are two domains that can be used to influence individual and collective perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors.

The first domain, known as neurocognitive engagement, involves a direct approach to impact the target’s mindset using various tactics.

The second domain, on the other hand, utilizes an indirect or implicit approach that employs environmental factors to achieve the same goals.

This can involve manipulating symbols, content, constructs, and contexts of narratives, and even direct environmental and ecological manipulation.

For instance, social media is a clear example of the second domain, where symbols (emojis, etc.), content (videos, photos, etc.), constructs (framed problems, solutions, etc.), and contexts of narratives (subjective, objective, etc.) are used to influence people’s perceptions and attitudes.

Mr. Giordano emphasizes that these two dimensions are not mutually exclusive and an effective attack involves using both the first and second domain.

He also warns Americans to prepare themselves for a combination of advanced Psyops and further manipulation of TikTok, a popular app used by 150 million Americans.

We are living very difficult times in which the most important thing is to remain true to your human values.

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