The Benefits of TMS Therapy that Everyone Should Know

The Benefits of TMS Therapy that Everyone Should Know

Millions of people are fighting the depression. It is a mood disorder that makes one have persistent moods of sadness and feeling hopelessness. The patient loses interest in things they once cared about and eventually, if not treated, may end up harming themselves. There are various methods used to treat depression. However, TMS therapy is the latest treatment method to control and relieve depression symptoms. Do you have someone battling depression? Then, it is essential to research more about this newest innovation used to treat depression. 

What is TMS Therapy?

TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) is a therapy that stimulates the brain. TMS uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate brain nerve cells, improving symptoms associated with mental health and neurological illnesses. It is a non-invasive treatment method. TMS Therapy is highly recommended by mental health specialists, especially for patients who are not responding to antidepressants and other depression treatment methods. 

The device works by placing an electromagnetic coil on the patient’s scalp, and then it sends magnetic pulses to the brain nerve cells, which helps you control the mood and depression symptoms. The patient has to go for treatment daily, especially for the first six weeks. Each TMS session takes 30 to 40 minutes. However, a therapist can adjust this time depending on how the patient responds to this treatment. Below are the incredible benefits of TMS therapy. They include:

  1. TMS is non-invasive 

This treatment method does not need anesthesia. Hence, the patient can still be awake when the treatment is ongoing. Most patients respond positively to TMS therapy, with no side effects; thus, patients can go daily. 

  1. TMS is FDA Approved

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved TMS therapy as a safe and effective depression treatment method. 

  1. TMS does not impact your memory 

Some people may have concerns about whether TMS therapy may affect their memory. 

There have been no established cases of TMS impacting a patient’s memory after receiving the treatment. However, not every treatment method is suitable for every patient. But for patients fighting trauma, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, or any addiction issue, TMS therapy may be the proper treatment method. 

Once you choose the TMS therapy, you must find an ideal TMS clinic. Selecting a suitable TMS provider is crucial because the provider you choose will directly impact your treatment success. There are different TMS Therapy clinics available. Hence, research to find the best for your needs. Ensure you select a TMS provider that meets your needs and standards and is comfortable. Below are helpful points to guide you in finding a suitable TMS provider:

  • Equipment 

Your TMS provider must have an advanced therapy system. The TMS clinic should have the best, state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, consider a clinic that specializes in TMS. Although there are different clinics available, not all specialize in TMS Therapy services. Some offer other treatment options. However, find a clinic that specializes in providing TMS services only. This way, you are assured of quick results and an extraordinary experience.

  • Experienced Specialists 

In addition, consider a TMS clinic that has experienced doctors. They must be TMS specialists. Consider the period of service in the industry offering TMS therapy services and their success rate before deciding. 

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