Study Finds Social Media Poses Serious Mental Health Issues for Teens

Study Finds Social Media Poses Serious Mental Health Issues for Teens

Social media has become a necessity for teens. It’s how they stay in touch with friends and family and stay engaged in the online world. But, as more students use social media, there are more mental health issues reported by this group according to a study conducted by Facebook that could be found in company documents.

“Thirty-two percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse. Comparisons on Instagram can change how young women view and describe themselves,” reads the study.

It was determined that Instagram does not damage a significant portion of teens, but, at the same time the major elements recognized as the most hazardous by social media companies are part of its structure. Instagram’s Explore feature, which offers users who browse it curated content from various accounts, was warned by the experts that it might nudge people towards information that can be hazardous. Also, the application only has an addicting culture of uploading the greatest photos and situations. Social media use has become a great way for people to avoid dealing with their problems and cope with stress by spending more time on social media. Teens who spend too much time on their phones are more likely to experience negative outcomes such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Internal papers on Facebook demonstrate, and it goes on for years, that the corporation hasn’t protected youngsters on Instagram, particularly young females.
The research evaluated young men and women aged 14 years and discovered that 78 percent of the females are unhappy with their body weight because of the use of social media. Ignoring body image problems, 87% of girls & 91% of boys still had good self-esteem.

Social media can be incredibly helpful in moments of need; it’s also an opportunity to bond with people who share your interests. But, too much time on social media can damage your mental health and increase the amount of stress you experience. Teens who regularly engage in social media are more likely to experience depression and stress-related symptoms.

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