Stroke Damage Similar To That Caused By COVID-19

Stroke Damage Similar To That Caused By COVID-19

As per a new report, the brain damage from Covid-19 is equivalent to the damage produced by strokes.

Research released on Thursday in Nature Neuroscience explained how the Covid 19 may affect the blood circulation in the brain by altering it.
The impact on brain vasculature was consistent with a small-scale cerebral illness, a phrase for brain ailments, including strokes, according to the research.

Researchers in Germany reported that more than a month after the infection up to 76% of Covid-19 patients have cognitive and other psychological symptoms.

Stroke symptoms

  • The best cure for stroke symptoms is prevention. If you can’t prevent a stroke, knowing what to do can help. Stroke symptoms come in five broad categories:
    Physical symptoms: Stroke symptoms often involve weakness, numbness, or paralysis. Weakness typically occurs in one limb on one side of the body.
  • Numbness and paralysis often affect both sides of the body.
  • Speech symptoms: A stroke can also cause difficulty with speech.
  • Visual symptoms: A stroke can cause problems with vision.
  • Confusion or disorientation: A stroke can also cause confusion or disorientation.
  • Feeling tired or dizzy: A stroke can cause other general symptoms such as feeling tired or dizzy.
  • Neurological effects include smell loss, epileptic seizures, strokes, loss of awareness and disorientation, up to 84% of persons with serious Covid-19. Notwithstanding indications of brain damage to Covid-19, experts claim that there is still discussion of whether or not the virus enters the brain directly.

In other words, the study authors found the genetic materials of Covid-19 as viral genomes in patients’ brain and spinal fluid, indicating that it could be accessed by Covid-19 viruses. In the blood arteries of the brain, Covid-19 RNA material was discovered, such that the virus can travel by bloodstreams from the respiratory system into the brain.

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