Spike Protein Causes Neurological Injuries

Spike Protein Causes Neurological Injuries

It’s been reported that the spike protein causes neurological injuries. Check out the latest reports as they have been revealed not too long ago.

The terrible spike protein effects

According to new reports, it seems that there is a new paper from Germany posted on April 5, 2023 proves that the spike protein accumulates in the brain and causes death of brain cells (which would certainly explain a great deal of what we see around us). (click here)

Key findings:
“Our results revealed the accumulation of the spike protein in the skull marrow, brain meninges, and brain parenchyma.”

“The injection of the spike protein alone caused cell death in the brain, highlighting a direct effect on brain tissue.”

“we observed the presence of spike protein in the skull of deceased long after their COVID-19 infection, suggesting that the spike’s persistence may contribute to long-term neurological symptoms”

Spike protein damage:

Out of all COVID-19 viral proteins, only the spike protein was detected in brain parenchyma.

“suggesting that the spike protein could have a long lifetime in the body. This notion is supported by the observation that spike protein can be detected on patient immune cells more than a year after the infection – a recent preprint suggests spike protein’s persistence in plasma samples up to 12 months post-diagnosis”

“injection of spike protein induced a broad spectrum of proteome changes in the skull marrow, meninges, and brain, including proteins related to coronavirus disease, complement and coagulation cascades, neutrophil degranulation, NETs formation, and PI3K-AKT signaling pathway, demonstrating the immunogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in the absence of other viral components.”

Brain inflammation

“Our molecular analysis suggests activation of immune response in the skull-meninges-brain axis, potentially via recruiting and increasing the activity of neutrophils similar to what has been reported in the respiratory tract”

Despite the fact that covid 19 vaccination turned out deadly for some children, authorities and authors reveal that this whole operation is “relatively safe.” Check out more details about what’s been killing children, among others.

Covid 19 vaccination dubbed safe following kids’ deaths 

The Epoch Times notes the fact that the covid 19 vaccines are killing kids. The author of a new article posted the following:

” as an author and editor, I have always lived by a principle of medical publication that the conclusions must be supported by the data presented. Many have asked me why do doctors still support COVID-19 vaccination with all safety data systems reporting record mortality after injection—many cases occurring on the same day or in the next few days after administration? The reason may be what doctors are concluding from the data in peer-reviewed manuscripts does not match the information disclosed.”

Villa-Zapata and coworkers published a report from VAERS on the “safety” of COVID-19 vaccination in children age 5 to 17 and in the data table, there are 56 deaths! Also listed are other potentially fatal complications such as anaphylaxis and myocarditis. The authors concluded that covid vaccination in children is “relatively safe.” This is beyond terrifying. 

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