‘Sound of Freedom’ Fury: People Claim AC Not Working During Film

‘Sound of Freedom’ Fury: People Claim AC Not Working During Film

Numerous TikTok users have alleged that the air-conditioning at AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas was not functioning during screenings of the new film Sound of Freedom in various locations nationwide. Sound of Freedom, a movie centered on the life of anti-child trafficking activist Tim Ballard, was released on July 4th and has already surpassed Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in box office earnings, receiving positive feedback from viewers.

The movie “Sound of Freedom” features Jim Caviezel as Ballard, a former special agent of the Homeland Security. The story revolves around his efforts to establish an organization called “Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)” to fight against child trafficking. On its opening day, the movie earned $14,242,063 in theaters, surpassing the domestic earnings of the new Indiana Jones movie, which was $11,698,989.

Ohio-based musician Jamskillet said in a TikTok video that he and his girlfriend went to see Sound of Freedom on the Fourth of July. He noted that the theater was one they had been to “many times,” adding that it was “always a pretty good experience.”

“This particular time was really uncomfortable to sit through,” he continued. “There was no AC running, it was unbearably hot. So I go out and I asked if they can turn the AC on and they told me that it wasn’t working.”

He further went on to allege that there was a notable disparity between seat availability online and in reality. Jamskillet, whose real name is Jacob Anthony Matthews, explained that when he “bought these tickets online, it showed that the theater was pretty much sold out—there was only a few seats available. When we get there, it’s just me and my girlfriend and maybe eight other people in the whole theater.”

“I didn’t think anything of this until I got on TikTok a few days later, and come to find out that hundreds of other people are experiencing the same thing,” he added. “So AMC and Regal, the people who own it, are not running AC and they’re making it hard to get tickets. And that should make you want to go see this movie even more.”

CNN opposed the release of the movie

As it has been noted by the online publication Church Leaders. Caviezel’s character decided to leave his family at the urging of his wife—played by Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino—to traverse the depths of the child sex trafficking world in the Columbian jungle in the hope of finding the young girl who was stolen from her family and sold into sex slavery.

It looks like CNN is opposing the release of the movie.

Stau tuned for more details about the controversial movie.

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