Some People Never Caught Covid – This Could Protect Everyone

Some People Never Caught Covid – This Could Protect Everyone

There are a lot of people who never caught covid. The Guardian writes a whole piece about it and notes that this could be important for understanding immunity.

The author of the article notes that they are one of the fortunate people who never got covid, and this is even though they work with live replicating Sars Cov 2.

“What does this reveal about my immune system?” the author said. 

She continued and said:

“First, we have to consider a number of scenarios. There is a very small chance that I have never come into contact with the virus. But given the duration of the pandemic, and the number of highly transmissible variants, this is unlikely. Then there is the chance that I have come into contact with Sars-CoV-2, but it was cleared from my body quickly before it developed into the disease Covid (abortive infection).”

The author also said that at the start of the pandemic, and before she was vaccinated, she could have caught the virus.

“but I could have been one of the small number of people who did not display symptoms and therefore did not test for it.”

The article continues and notes some very important factors that reveal interesting things about one’s immunity. 

What comes after covid variant omicron?

The novel coronavirus is a subject that will probably soon come to an end – at least the massive fuss that’s been surrounding it for more than two years now. The variant called Omicron seems to be the best vaccine against the novel virus, and it came naturally.

Now, addresses the answers to three important questions about the variant of this dreadful virus. 

When will the next important variant come?

“I think it is inevitable that we will see new variants with varying degrees of immune evasion.”

This is what Andrew Rambaut, who studies viral evolution at the University of Edinburgh, UK said.

He continued and said:

“They could emerge from wherever there is widespread transmission.”

Check out our previous article in order to learn the other questions.

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