Shocking Excess Death Numbers Are In: 5,162% Increase Since 2020

Shocking Excess Death Numbers Are In: 5,162% Increase Since 2020

According to secret governmental reports, it seems that there’s been a 5,162% increase in excess deaths since 2020. Check out the latest reports about this issue below.

Here’s the tweet shared by the media, and we’ll also address the link below:

The official notes revealed with the following statement: “The year 2021 was one of hope and promise for Australia, as the world began to recover from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. And if it were not for a monumental cover-up by the Government of Australia, that hope would have been quickly shattered. Because secretive Goverment data confirms the first 38 weeks of the year saw a shocking 1,452% increase in excess deaths following the rollout of the Covid-19 injections compared to the same period in 2020.”

The same notes reported this: “Unfortunately, as the months passed, the situation only worsened. By 2022, the nation was hit by a devastating blow, with a shocking 5,162% increase in excess deaths in the first 38 weeks of the year following the repeat rollout of the Covid-19 injections compared to the first 38 weeks of 2020, at the alleged height of the pandemic.”

Covid vaccines in the news 

The most terrible ingredients that have been found in the covid vaccines include graphene oxide. Check out the latest news about how you can remove this poison from your body.

Getting graphene oxide out of the body 

A new important article notes the fact that graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, has been found in the Covid 19 “vaccines”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails, and is even in our food supply. Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G which can cause even more damage to our health.

The symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning and EMF radiation sickness are similar to those symptoms described as Covid. The good news is, now that graphene oxide has been identified as a contaminant, there are ways to remove graphene oxide from our bodies and restore your health.

The article that we mentioned above notes the fact that this is a holistic approach of using several different methods simultaneously for the best effect. Including, specific supplements to degrade the graphene oxide in the body, and controlling EMFs in the environment to minimize graphene oxide activation.

We recommend that you check out the complete piece on how to remove this poisonous element from the human body. 

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