Senator Gerard Rennick Makes Shocking Admission About Covid Vaccines

Senator Gerard Rennick Makes Shocking Admission About Covid Vaccines

It has been just revealed that Senator Gerard Rennick is making a shocking admission on covid vaccines on camera. Check out the latest reports below.

Here is the relevant video that we found on Twitter:

Someone commented the following:
“God forbid anyone mentions the word transmission to Pfizer Australia because they refuse to acknowledge it.

They were unable to provide Senator Matt Canavan with any evidence to support Albert Bourla’s claims that the vaccine would prevent transmission.

The fundamental basis upon which all mandates were issued has no evidence to support it.

Warning this clip is excruciating to watch.”

You can also check out the full hearing in order to learn all the available details;

Speaking about the covid and the vaccines, we should also bring up something important about the spike protein as well.

Get rid of the spike protein

Recently, Dr. P. McCullough made a noteworthy observation about the spike protein’s impact, citing instances of cardiac arrests, major blood clots, and people experiencing a decline in health.

To address this issue, he recommended three supplements that can help reduce inflammation and break down spike proteins.

These supplements are readily available over the counter and include Nattokinase (2000 units, twice a day), Bromelain (500 milligrams, once a day), and Curcumin (500 milligrams, twice a day).

Dr. McCullough emphasized the complementary benefits of Nattokinase and Bromelain, which work together to accelerate the clearance of the spike protein, while Curcumin helps to further reduce inflammation and spike protein damage. It is strongly recommended that individuals take these supplements to address these health concerns.

Check out more details about the matter in the original article that we shared the other day.

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