Russia Warning: US Military Creating New Deadly ‘Mega Pandemic’ in Ukraine Lab

Russia Warning: US Military Creating New Deadly ‘Mega Pandemic’ in Ukraine Lab

Russia revealed a terrifying warning about US military creating a new deadly mega pandemic in biolabs from Ukraine. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Russia releases pandemic-related warning

Russia has released evidence that the U.S. military is secretly working on creating a deadly new pandemic in Ukraine biolabs which will be unleashed onto the public within the next year, notes the beginning of an article shared by The People’s Voice.

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the Russian Chief of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, released the following evidence regarding the U.S.-controlled biolabs that have come under its control during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On Monday, Kirillov made a statement about Russia’s findings while researching these biolabs that is quite alarming.

Geneva holds annual meetings where experts and state-parties discuss the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. They examine current compliance issues with its provisions and review potentially dual-use scientific and technological developments.

Although the Western countries attempted to sabotage the vote on the Security Council Resolution concerning the international investigation of the U.S. biological labs, the outcome of the vote suggests that the U.S. military-biological activity in Ukraine has raised concerns even among its closest allies.

The Russian Federation has provided documentation to substantiate the claim that the U.S. provided funding, scientific, technical, and personnel assistance to work on biological warfare components on Ukrainian soil. The U.S. also studied particularly dangerous and economically important infectious agents.

Over 20 questions were asked regarding violations of the Convention by Kiev and Washington.

The questions were related to the Biological Threat Reduction Program, particularly the types and quantities of pathogenic microorganisms studied; research conducted on Ukrainian military personnel and the mentally ill; and the concealment of military-biological cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in international reports under the BWC.

Check out more details about this in the original article. 

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