Robert Malone Exposes UN And WEF As One Body United To Destroy Humanity

Robert Malone Exposes UN And WEF As One Body United To Destroy Humanity

It seems that expert Robert Malone is after the villains who are allegedly trying to destroy humanity. Check out more details below to see what he is referring to.

Robert Malone gives his two cents on the WEF and UN

Here is a relevant tweet that sheds light on the matter.

Here are the notes from the post:

“Under the United Nations’ plan for total global control known as Agenda 21 (of which Agenda 2030 is a mere milestone), all humans who once lived on farms and in rural areas, are to be forcibly relocated into densely populated “smart” cities, referred to as “human settlements”.

From the documentary, ‘Unsustainable: The UN’s Agenda For World Domination’.”

Dr. Robert Malone reveals the ways in which we got a series of lies about the covid vaccines, instead of the truth. Check out what he had to say via the social media platform X.

Robert Malone on Covid vaccines

Here’s what the expert had to say via this video on X:

“Dr. Robert Malone: “Instead of informed consent about the truth of these products … we were given a series of lies.

Lie #1 -The COVID vaccines are “safe and effective,” a repeated slogan
calls propaganda.

Lie #2 -The contents of the COVID shots stay in the arm. “They knew that these products deployed all throughout the body,” said Dr. Malone.

Lie #3 – mRNA lasts in the body for a short period of time. “We now know that these products remain in your body and remain biologically active for an undetermined period of time, of at least weeks and probably months; another lie,” rebuked Dr. Malone.

Lie #4 – “No one will be safe until everyone is vaccinated.” Pfizer admitted to MEP Rob Roos that they never tested if the jab stopped transmission.”

Checkout more details about this in the previous article we shared earlier today.

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