Robert Malone Dissects The Cover-Up Of Sars-CoV-2 And Its Lab Origins

Robert Malone Dissects The Cover-Up Of Sars-CoV-2 And Its Lab Origins

Robert Malone addresses the subject of the origins and massive cover-up of Sars-CoV-2. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Robert Malone on the origins of the novel coronavirus and more

Here’s what the export posted on his account on X:

“Four years on, much has been revealed about the origins of SARS-CoV-2. The evidence now points definitively to a lab origin. But questions remain about the cover-up, and who was ultimately responsible.

The cover-up has had major consequences for nations across the globe. If we had known the virus did not emerge from nature, would we have approached our response to the pandemic differently? If we had known the spike was an engineered toxic protein, would we have incorporated it into the COVID-19 vaccines?

The evidence surrounding the origins of the virus and the subsequent cover-up is complex. In this episode, we dive into some fascinating vignettes from the investigative work of Sky News journalist Sharri Markson, author of “What Really Happened in Wuhan?””

Someone made an excellent point, saying the following: “Let’s not forget the lab “leak” was intentional. It was timed to interfere with our Presidential elections. The leak, global distribution, availability of the RNA “vaccine”, and guidance from Fauci, the CDC, WHO and other world leaders was premeditated. Our own medical professionals and scientists were expected to play along with the narrative or risk losing their federal funding or jobs. It was a brilliant plan to get rid of Trump and the collateral damage to the population was deemed acceptable.”

Not too long ago, I was reporting the fact that Malone shed light on another vital issue regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. Check out the latest post that he shared on his social media account on X.

Dr. Robert Malone addresses COVID-19 vaccines again

“Important presentation from Dr. Kevin McKernan, who made the first discoveries and disclosures regarding the DNA fragment contamination of the Pfizer and Moderna mod-mRNA vaccines,” she shared on X.

Genomics Expert Kevin McKernan Testifies to the Massachusetts Legislature on the DNA Contamination Found in the mRNA COVID Vaccines

“The sequence that’s in these doses, at billions of copies per dose, interacts with the P53 gene. This is a tumor suppressor gene so anything that interacts as a contaminant in the gene is a red flag. Hit the brakes, stop cold. You’ve got billions of copies of something that interact with our tumor suppressor system. This is a cancer risk. It’s in Moderna’s patents. We know it’s now in the Pfizer vaccines. This needs to be a red stop halt.”

Stay tuned for more important news regarding the most significant disaster of the medical world and the harm that humanity had to endure.

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