Red Cross Official Addresses Unvaccinated Blood Donations: “Donate For Yourselves”

Red Cross Official Addresses Unvaccinated Blood Donations: “Donate For Yourselves”

It looks like the Red Cross is addressing the only way that an individual can get blood that is not vaccinated. Check out the mind-blowing recording below.

Red Cross on blood transfusions

Here is the post on X that sheds light on the matter:

Someone commented: “There needs to be a new system stood up for the unvaccinated to have blood available when needed. The Red Cross is taking unvaccinated blood and saving it for those “who think they are better than you”.”

Here is another relevant post on the matter:

“Confirmed: The American Red Cross Lied, and Unvaccinated Individuals are Unknowingly Receiving Vaccinated Blood, Along with the Spike Proteins it Carries

NOW— They want you to call in if you are vaccinated and want to donate.

IN 2021– the Red Cross said that the COVID vaccines DO NOT enter the bloodstream…

However, numerous peer-reviewed studies and autopsies have proven that lipid nanoparticles and the spike proteins are being found in every major organ in the body, even being found in the blood-brain barrier.”

Someone also posted the response that they got from the Red Cross:

Here’s the answer that the Red Cross offered following the inquiry about vaccinated blood back in 2022.

Stay tuned for more details about this matter.

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