Psychotherapist Linda Keen Shares The Devastating Case Of Her Mother’s Euthanasia In Her Care Home With Midazolam And Oxycodone During COVID Lockdown Due To NG163 Protocol

Psychotherapist Linda Keen Shares The Devastating Case Of Her Mother’s Euthanasia In Her Care Home With Midazolam And Oxycodone During COVID Lockdown Due To NG163 Protocol

The other day, I shared the sad and extremely terrifying story about the crimes that have been committed during the lockdown period in hospitals and nursing homes. I was reporting that during COVID, the elderly were forced to remain in hospitals, and, according to more reports, the doctors were using Midazolam to “treat” them, resulting in their deaths. This has also happened in nursing homes as well, and it’s definitely a scandal of enormous proportions that no one seems to address anymore.

Psychotherapist Linda Keen reached out to me on X, formerly known as Twitter, and shared her heart-breaking story involving the killing of her mother. What happened was atrocious, and people need to come forward and speak up so that those who are guilty end up paying for the crimes against humanity that they committed.

The NG163 COVID protocol – murdering the elderly

NG163 was a covid protocol used to treat those presenting with respiratory issues.

According to the reports, there is evidence from more than 100 families that could show this protocol has resulted in “the untimely and unnecessary death of loved ones – and is reminiscent of the abolished Liverpool Care Pathway.”

It’s extremely important to note the fact that when the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline NG163 was reviewed in early 2020 by a panel of nine doctors and two professors, they did raise concerns.

The protocol, which recommended the combined use of midazolam and morphine that both suppress the respiratory system, was approved.

Following studies of the guideline, the medics familiar with palliative medicine said they were “concerned that uncritical use of NG163 may create unintended risks for people with suspected or actual covid-19 infection'” and suggested that the flawed guideline should not be implemented.

One other important issue that is worth mentioning is the fact that the guideline was rebranded NG191 in March 2021. More than that, according to reports, on November 30, 2023, the recommendation to use midazolam on covid patients was dropped completely.

It has been also reported the fact that in a letter published on April 20, 2020, the eminent experts, led by Professor Emeritus, Sam H Ahmedzai, said that, ‘while NG163 stated the following:

“Note that symptoms can change and patients can deteriorate rapidly in a few hours or less,” there is no counterpoint that most patients without the preconditions above will eventually recover.’

The notes state the fact that there was plenty of detail on dosing covid patients with powerful medications, but, on the other hand, there was no advice on monitoring the patients, nor on weaning them off the drugs.

Another major concern of the panel about NG163 was that the protocol stated this: “Sedation and opioid use should not be withheld because of a fear of causing respiratory depression.”

“Two Days To Kill My Mum With Death Row Drug Midazolam.” by Linda Keen

When I posted my previous article, “The Crime Of The Century: Midazolam Murders – Euthanizing The Elderly”, Linda Keen reached out to me on X to share her own story involving her mother, the late Kathryn Davis.

Linda, a bereaved daughter from East Sussex, detailed her story on Crowd Justice.


“Three years ago, my mother was euthanised with end-of-life drugs, Midazolam and Oxycodone, in a care home under NHS NICE guideline NG163.

During lockdowns from March 2020, I wondered if my elderly mother, Kathryn Davis, would survive in her care home as the government told us that the elderly were the most vulnerable if exposed to this potentially killer disease,” she began.

I will leave her story below:

This is a terribly sad story, and people should not be able to sleep at night at the thought that this has happened to families all over the world during the pandemic.

More people are already supporting Linda in her legal case to get justice for her mother, who was euthanized using end-of-life drugs in a care home in 2021. She was not dying until these drugs were administered. The end-of-life protocols should be challenged

Justice has to be made, and those in power who can make a difference should take the wheel and drive our lives back to normal while, at the same time, making an effort to bring retribution.

Important people are already speaking on the matter, and one of them was Eric Clapton’s friend and song co-writer, Robin Monotti, who addressed the issue on his social media account after I posted about it the other day.

People came and spoke up about their own experiences that simply destroyed their families.

Let’s keep the people who have been harmed during the pandemic and their families lifted up in kind thoughts and prayers, and let’s continue to fight for justice.

Humanity has been attacked in the worst way possible, and awareness should continue to be raised – the ones who are guilty have to pay for what they did; we shouldn’t stop until this happens.

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