Proof There Was No Covid Pandemic In Sweden Is Out

Proof There Was No Covid Pandemic In Sweden Is Out

It’s been just reported that there was actually no covid pandemic in Sweden. This may definitely come as a shock but allow me to explain it all below.

Covid in Sweden

Check out the following relevant tweet in order to understand more about this issue:

Here’s more relevant info below:

The illusion of a pandemic

Not too long ago, I have already addressed how the authorities managed to make people believe that there is actually a pandemic going on all over the world.

The information is already out in the open; you just have to know where to look for it. Elon Musk allowed the banned important voices from the medical industry to speak, and hell has been unleashed upon those who did this to the world. Just take a look at all the new reports demonstrating the fact that authorities knew from the very beginning what’s been happening. 

NHS director: hospitals lied about the real cause of “covid” deaths

The truth about the covid 19 pandemic is getting out, and it’s coming straight from the NHS director – the ex-director of End of Life Care at one of the largest hospital trusts in the UK. 

Take a look at these tweets:

Here’s more:

The amazing was kind enough to save a copy of the thread just in case it somehow manages to get lost on the Web.

“In the event, it is removed from Twitter we have copied the thread below and attached a pdf copy at the end of this article. In the following, the number at the beginning of a paragraph relates to the number of tweet within the thread,” they note. 

You can also check out the official documents here and here. 


YouTube video

Stay tuned for more mind-blowing news about the complete healthcare system all over the world. Check out more important details in my previous article. 

As conclusion, what exactly made us ill during the pandemic? Well, the fear, stress, lockdowns, suppressing treatments that were proven to work, such as Ivermectin and more, bad treatments in hospitals, lies, and more. Even 5g antennas were to blame. 

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