Pride Festival With 80,000 Attendees In Gran Canaria Linked To Spanish Monkeypox Outbreak

Pride Festival With 80,000 Attendees In Gran Canaria Linked To Spanish Monkeypox Outbreak

When we thought that life can get back to normal following the coronavirus pandemic, another terrible world problem comes up: the Spanish monkeypox. It’s spreading to more locations all over the globe and now more terrible news comes up.

It’s been just revealed that the Gran Canarian pride festival attended by 80,000 from Britain and across Europe is being investigated after being linked to numerous monkeypox cases in Madrid, Italy and Tenerife.

Gran Canarian pride festival sparks monkeypox concerns 

Held between May 5 and May 15, Maspalomas Pride attracts visitors from across the continent.

Accoridng to official data, the festival was attended by people who have tested positive for the monkeypox virus afterwards. The public health services from the Canary Islands now investigating the any links between the cases and the LGBT+ celebrations.

It’s been revealed that among the 30 or so diagnosed in Madrid, there are several who attended the event, although it is not yet possible to know if one of them is patient zero of this outbreak. It’s also not possible to know if they all got infected there, a health source told El País.

“There are two suspected cases in men in the Canary Islands, one with links to the LGBT+ festival. There is no conclusive evidence that the latest outbreak is being sexually transmitted, rather than simply being passed between people who were in close proximity to each other.” experts said as per the Daily Mail.

Dr Claire Dewsnap, who is the president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, is worried about the rate the virus is spreading.

She told Sky News that she expects a “significant” rise in infections next week.

“What worries me the most is there are infections across Europe, so this has already spread,” she stated. She continued and said: It’s already circulating in the general population… It could be really significant numbers over the next two or three weeks.”

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