WHO Monitors New Coronavirus Variant That Could Escape Vaccines

WHO Monitors New Coronavirus Variant That Could Escape Vaccines

It seems that the subjects around the novel coronavirus are here to stay. After the Delta variant popped up and terrified the whole world with its high level of danger, now there’s another variant that’s lurking in the shadows, according to the latest reports coming from WHO. 

Japan Today notes that the WHO said that it is monitoring a new coronavirus variant known as “Mu”/”Miu”, which was first identified in Colombia in January.

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Mu is known scientifically as B.1.621, and it has been classified as a “variant of interest”, the global health body said Tuesday in its weekly pandemic bulletin.

Risk of vaccine resistance 

The WHO said the variant has mutations that are showing a risk of resistance to vaccines, and the organization also stressed that further studies were needed to better understand it.

“The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape.”

The same online publication notes that the WHO currently identifies “four COVID-19 variants of concern, including Alpha, which is present in 193 countries, and Delta, present in 170 countries.”

Five variants, including Mu, are to be monitored by the experts. 

Vaccine efficiency against severe disease 

Just the other day, we were revealing that news about the covid vaccine efficiency is out.

According to the latest reports provided by CNN, CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices met Monday to discuss the potential eventual need for booster doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

CNN pointed out the fact that in the data that goes through July, the vaccines still appear to offer strong protection, the CDC’s Dr. Sara Oliver told ACIP Monday.

“Since the introduction of the Delta variant, VE against infection ranges from 39 to 84%. VE against hospitalization, though, remains high from 75% to 95%.”

The overall effectiveness of the corona vaccines has been a spiny subject for a while now, and the debate continues. Stay tuned for more news. 

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