Unexpected Medicine Wakes Double Vaccinated Covid 19 Patient From Coma

Unexpected Medicine Wakes Double Vaccinated Covid 19 Patient From Coma

The latest reports on covid 19 bring some interesting and unexpected news. The Daily Wire notes that a British covid patient who was just three days away from being pulled off the ventilator got the erectile dysfunction (ED) medicine, Viagra, in a last-ditch effort to try and save her life.

Viagra FTW

The same online publication mentioned above notes that the plan worked, and within 48 hours, Monica Almeida’s prognosis improved as the ED pill opened her blood vessels and increased oxygen flow.

After a week, she was able to head home for Christmas, as the same reports note. 

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According to the Lincolnite, Almeida is a 37-year-old woman with two kids. She became sick with covid 19 in October despite having received two doses of the vaccine.

“By day four the mother-of-two had lost her sense of taste and smell before coughing up blood the next day. On the fifth day her oxygen levels had dropped,” Lincolnite reported.

After a few hours of being home, Almeida had to be rushed back to the hospital due to low oxygen levels and she was taken to the intensive care unit.

By November, doctors had placed Almeida on the ventilator and believed she was going to die.

“It was definitely the Viagra that saved me. Within 48 hours it opened up my airwaves and my lungs started to respond. If you think how the drug works, it expands your blood vessels,” she told The U.S. Sun.

She also said: 

“I have asthma and my air sacks needed a little help.”

We strongly suggest that you check out the complete story in the original post. 

Pfizer in the news

It’s been just revealed that the Food and Drug Administration on Monday expanded the Emergency Use Authorization of a booster dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine to include youths 12 to 15.

The USA Today notes that the booster dose is the same strength as the dose approved in the primary series.

A booster dose was previously authorized by the FDA for emergency use for those 16 years of age and older.

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