Too Little Vitamin D Can Do This To Your Brain

Too Little Vitamin D Can Do This To Your Brain

It’s been revealed that there are various effects in taking too little vitamin D. Check out the latest reports below.

Too little vitamin D and its effects on the brain 

Everyone knows that vitamin D deficiency can trigger all sorts of issues for one’s health. It seems that this is affecting the brain even more than previously believed. 

According to the latest reports, there is some pretty interesting data about the subject. 

We’ve always known vitamin D is vital for strong, healthy bones, and when we lack the essential nutrient, mood changes can happen, fatigue, muscle weakness and now accelerated brain aging, according to a study.

“Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with reduced neurocognitive functioning and the neurodegenerative processes.” Jagdish Khubchandani, Professor of Public Health at New Mexico State University, said. The expert is not affiliated with the study. 

Expert opinions on the matter 

Dr. Khubchandani explains the following:

“The research indicates deficiency of Vitamin D is linked with accelerated brain aging and reduced total brain density and gray matter mass (gray matter is outer layer of brain responsible for controlling thinking, memory, emotions, and body movement) The researchers looked at MRI data and vitamin D levels from more than 1800 people in the general population and found the link between vitamin D and brain structure.”

“This new study adds to the existing knowledge base on the link between vitamin D and brain function,” Dr. Khubchandani adds.

The expert made sure to add the following:

“Beyond the new study indicating the relationship between structures of the brain and Vitamin D, the vitamin is also linked with brain function directly and indirectly (due to alteration in brain structure).”

Make sure to check out the original article and learn all the available details. Don’t forget that vitamin D is vital, and make sure to take it regularly. 

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