Tokyo Experts Are Creating Miracle Covid Vaccine That Offers Life Protection

Tokyo Experts Are Creating Miracle Covid Vaccine That Offers Life Protection

The covid vaccines are making headlines all over the world and they are not without many controversies. Lots of people have been avoiding them due to their potential side effects. 

Making a new covid 19 vaccine 

Now, it’s been revealed by the online publication Japan Times that experts in Tokyo are developing a “dream” covid 19 vaccine that offers lifetime efficacy.

This massive move is made in what would be a game-changer as the fight against the coronavirus continues. 

As you definitely know by now, we’re living in a time when it seems that most of the covid vaccines will require periodic boosters due to a decline in recipients’ antibody levels.


This means that the creation of a vaccine with lifetime efficacy could lead to huge financial savings globally.

As the same online publication notes, this would also give the world an upper hand against the coronavirus, which has infected more than 270 million people and claimed more than 5 million lives around the world.

“Soon after the pandemic began, in early 2020, Michinori Kohara, emeritus investigator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, wondered if it was possible to develop a vaccine based on the tried and tested smallpox vaccine — which helped the world eradicate the deadly disease,” according to the notes.

The same notes continue and reveal the following:

“The vaccinia virus used in the smallpox vaccine is a subject he has worked on for over three decades, and Kohara knows firsthand how significant a vaccine that gives strong protection for life can be.”

The messenger RNA covid 19 vaccines that have been developed by Pfizer and Moderna have reportedly managed to prevent more severe variants of the disease, but their efficiency is dropping drastically – this makes boosters necessary. 

By contrast, the new vaccine can produce the following:

“potent neutralizing antibodies within a week of inoculation and induce the strongest cellular immunity of any vaccine.”

This would be significant especially considering the fact that none of the currently available vaccines appear to offer long-term protection.

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