This Man Got 10 Covid Vaccine Shots In Single Day

This Man Got 10 Covid Vaccine Shots In Single Day

Why take only one vaccine when you can take 10 of them? It’s been just reported that a man who was vaccinated against covid-19 up to ten times on one single day on behalf of other people has been called selfish and also managed to spark an investigation.

NYPost notes that Astrid Koornneef, group manager operations for the Covid-19 vaccine and immunization program in New Zealand, said the country’s Ministry of Health was aware of the issue and taking the matter very seriously.

“We are very concerned about this situation and are working with the appropriate agencies,” she said, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The same online publication notes that the ministry would not say where in New Zealand the incidents took place.

Selfish behavior 

Vaccinologist and associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris called the behavior “unbelievably selfish” and taking advantage of somebody who needs some money.

“It could cause serious harm from the people who are not vaccinated, saying they are, and spreading the virus, she said.”

Prof Petousis-Harris said the man who took multiple doses of the vaccine is unlikely to come to any serious harm, but likely to feel horribly the next day from a general immune response.

“We know that people have in error been given the whole five doses in a vial instead of it being diluted, we know that has happened overseas, and we know with other vaccines errors have occurred and there has been no long-term problems,” she said.

It’s been just revealed that Japan is now labeling Covid “vaccines” to warn of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis.



Reaffirming commitment to adverse event reports

More than that, according to the latest reports, the country is reaffirming its commitment to adverse event reporting requirements to ensure all possible side effects are documented.

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