Synthetic Biology Could Help With Covid 19 Infections

Synthetic Biology Could Help With Covid 19 Infections

A lot of experts all over the world have been trying to fight the covid 19 infections with treatments and vaccines. Now, it seems that a solution might arise from an unexpected place – synthetic biology. Check out more details below.

New covid 19 solutions

It’s been just revealed that Cambridge scientists have used synthetic biology to create artificial enzymes. They are reportedly programmed to target the genetic code of SARS-CoV-2 and destroy the virus. According to, this approach could be used to develop a new generation of antiviral drugs.

“Enzymes are naturally occurring biological catalysts, which enable the chemical transformations required for our bodies to function—from translating the genetic code into proteins, right through to digesting food,” according to the latest official reports.

It’s also been revealed that although most enzymes are proteins, some of these crucial reactions are catalyzed by RNA, a chemical cousin of DNA, which can fold into enzymes known as ribozymes.


“Some classes of ribozyme are able to target specific sequences in other RNA molecules and cut them precisely,” the same official website notes. We suggest that you check out more official data in the original notes. 

Covid in the news

The covid vaccines and boosters are still in the news despite their inefficiency in preventing transmission. Check out the latest reports coming from Moderna below.

The data indicate that Moderna’s new booster generates significantly higher levels of neutralizing antibodies against the subvariant, BA.5, and another omicron subvariant, BA.4, than the previous booster.

A new study by Moderna revealed the fact that its updated coronavirus booster strengthens a key component of the immune system’s defense against the omicron subvariant that accounted for most infections in the United States in recent months. Check out our previous article in order to learn more data about all this and make sure to stay safe. 

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