Seaweed Molecules Can Boost Bypass Surgery Outcome

Seaweed Molecules Can Boost Bypass Surgery Outcome

It’s been reported that the seaweed molecules can be used to improve the bypass surgery outcome. Check out the latest results found by researchers below.

Seaweed molecules and bypass surgery

According to the latest medical reports, it seems that the researchers are using a natural material derived from seaweed. This is in order to promote vascular cell growth. It is also used to prevent blood clots and boost the performance of synthetic vascular grafts used in heart bypass surgery.

The new approach has been developed and tested at the University of Waterloo. This approach is especially important in cases involving small artificial blood vessels, which are prone to clots that can develop into full blockages.

“There is a crucial need to develop synthetic vascular graft materials that will increase the rate of long-term functions,” said Dr. Evelyn Yim. Yim is a chemical engineering professor and University Research Chair who leads the project. notes that researchers added a material called fucoidan, which is made from seaweed, to modify synthetic blood vessels. Fucoidan has a structure that is similar to heparin – this is a drug used as an anticoagulant.

When applied with a nanotechnology technique known as micropatterning, fucoidan promotes the growth of vascular cells around the inner surface of the graft. This is significantly reducing the chances of clots forming.

Potential advantages of the technique 

According to the same official reports, for patients, the potential advantages of this technique include fewer complications, a better quality of life, and less risk of the recurrence of blockages requiring additional drug treatment or surgery.

“A functional, off-the-shelf, small-diameter vascular graft will help save lives,” said Yim, director of the Regenerative Nanomedicine Lab at Waterloo.

Yim continued and said thr following:

“What’s important is that they will be much longer-lasting and allow blood to flow freely.”

Just in case you don’t know, bypass surgery is performed to restore blood flow to areas of the heart when vessels become blocked.

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