Scientific Breakthrough: Experts Share Evidence For Previous Universes – More Were Here Before Us!

Scientific Breakthrough: Experts Share Evidence For Previous Universes – More Were Here Before Us!

Let’s take a break from the novel coronavirus and the disease that this virus can trigger – covid 19 – and check out some news from beyond our limited horizon. Check out the latest news coming from space so to speak and lay back and enjoy a bit of time off our planet – you definitely deserve it! 

IFL Science just revealed that experts just claimed that there is evidence of the fact that there were past universes that may exist in the night sky – these are the remnants of black holes from another universe, according to the reports. 

The online publication mentioned above cites info from New Scientist and reveals that the idea is based around something called conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC).

Conformal cyclic cosmology 

You are definitely wondering “what is CCC?”

This is the theory that our universe goes through constant cycles of Big Bangs and compressions, rather than having started from a single Big Bang.

Experts tell us that most of the universe would be destroyed from one cycle to the next, but they also claim that some electromagnetic radiation could survive the recycling process. Their findings are reported on arXiv.

“What we claim we’re seeing is the final remnant after a black hole has evaporated away in the previous aeon.”

This is what the University of Oxford mathematical physicist Roger Penrose, co-author of the study and co-creator of CCC theory, told New Scientist.

The evidence comes in the form of “Hawking points”, and it is named after the late Stephen Hawking.

YouTube video

You may know by now that he theorized that black holes would emit radiation known as Hawking radiation, and it’s this that Penrose and his colleagues suggest that could be able to pass from one universe to the next, according to the available notes. 

This theory of a recycling universe is definitely triggering massive controversies and we suggest that you check out the video above and take a look at the original article for more available details. 

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