Rare Covid Symptom Is Back In Omicron Variant

Rare Covid Symptom Is Back In Omicron Variant

The Omicron covid variant is in the news in 2022 even though its symptomatology is not severe at all, as we already reported.

Now, Deseret.com reveals that the latest reports from the United Kingdom suggest that a common covid symptom has returned for the omicron variant — brain fog.

The Daily Express recently reported that covid patients have been talking about “brain fog” as one of their symptoms in the ZOE COVID Study app. It’s important to note that this records and analyzes symptoms as reported by patients.

“One of the more unusual — but surprisingly common — symptoms of Omicron is so-called brain fog,” The Daily Express reports.

What is brain fog covid symptom?

Brain fog has been a pretty rare covid symptom for quite some time now.

The online publication mentioned above notes that reports of brain fog emerged in October 2020, well into the first year of the pandemic.

It’s also imperative to mention the fact that this is not often reported as one of the more common symptoms, which includes fever, chills, shortness of breath, coughing, and body aches.

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Dr. Shruti Agnihotri, a neurologist at the University of Alabama Birmingham, told ABC 33/40 that brain fog is often associated with severe headaches and memory loss.

“Often times these patients may have even recovered from the initial fever and shortness of breath symptoms and they continue to have very severe headaches and tend to often complain about memory loss, often referred to as a brain fog.”

A new pandemic?

In other news, when we thought that things could not get any worse, well it seems that 2022 brings a surprise. Are we talking g about a new pandemic? Check out the latest reports in order to find out.

More publications are addressing a new nightmare that will be keeping people awake at night.

Times of Israel begins by noting that Israel confirmed its first case of an individual who is infected with both the seasonal flu and covid 19 at the same time.

Check out more about this in our previous article. 

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