Post Covid Vaccine Reproductive Health Related Reports Are Out – They Look Terrible

Post Covid Vaccine Reproductive Health Related Reports Are Out – They Look Terrible

More and more official data is now out in the open, and it shows the terrible effects that the covid vaccine has. This time, we are addressing the reproductive system and the vaccine’s effects.

Check out the latest official data that is revealed by VAERS:

As you can see for yourselves, these graphs are not looking too good.


This is one of the many side effects that are finally out in the open about the mRNA vaccines.

Not too long ago, we also revealed more of these terrible effects related to the Pfizer vaccine.

Covid vaccines linked to blood clotting

It’s been just revealed that the FDA now recognizes that they have been falsely misled that Pfizer shows safety. Check out the latest reports below.

FDA talks about the Pfizer vaccine 

Check out the following relevant tweets.


Here’s another relevant tweet about the issue:


More controversial reports have been made via Twitter’s users and you can check them out for yourselves in the thread on Twitter.

Someone posted the following message:

“Apparently, this is an open meeting with the fda where @stkirsch tried to warn them and get them to look into what was going on. Things that are now becoming common knowledge. They knew, they did nothing, and here we are. No edit button, so this is the update.”

In order to learn more details, make sure to check out the complete report. 

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