Outbreak Tied To Deli Meat: One Person Died, More Than A Dozen Got Sick

Outbreak Tied To Deli Meat: One Person Died, More Than A Dozen Got Sick

It seems that a food poisoning outbreak that is linked to deli meat and chees managed to make 16 people sick. One of them died, according to US health officials. 

Detailing the situation

Check out the official reports about what happened below. 

Most were hospitalized, and one illness resulted in the loss of a pregnancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The illnesses date back to April last year with the most recent report on Sept. 29, the agency said.

Medical Express noted that a lot of people reported eating meat or cheese from deli counters where investigators detected listeria in open packages of sliced meats and in the environment.

“The bacteria was found at two NetCost Market locations in New York, but health officials said that’s not likely the only source of the listeria outbreak because some sick people didn’t shop at the store.”

It’s also been revealed that people who are sickened were from New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, and California. The death was reported in Maryland, the CDC said.

The online publication mentioned above notes the following:

“Listeria is a persistent germ that can be hard to get rid of from surfaces and equipment. Symptoms of listeria poisoning include fever, muscle aches, nausea and diarrhea.”

The notes also said that the disease is especially dangerous for the elderly, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.

Healthcare in the news

It’s been just revealed that AstraZeneca decided to withdraw the US application for their covid vaccine. Check out the latest reports about the issue below.

It’s been just reported that AstraZeneca is no longer pursuing U.S. approval of its COVID-19 vaccine, Chief Executive Pascal Soriot said in a media call on Thursday.

Demand for vaccines in the country is declining, and the market is well served by the mRNA shots, he said, according to the same reports. 

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