NFL Halts Daily Covid 19 Testing For Unvaccinated Players

NFL Halts Daily Covid 19 Testing For Unvaccinated Players

The novel coronavirus keeps making headlines but it seems that, after all this struggle that’s lasted since 2020, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. More experts said that the Omicron variant of the virus could mean the end of the pandemic due to its less severe symptomatology. 

The other day, we reported that there’s an important issue that the mainstream media is not sharing with the public. The WHO is calling for international travel bans to be lifted and it seems that this is not making enough headlines.

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Check out the complete details in our previous article. 

NFL makes an important move 

Now, it’s been revealed that the NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed to halt daily covid testing for unvaccinated players. This move is aligning them with protocols developed last month for vaccinated players and coaches.

ESPN notes that in a memo sent Friday afternoon to teams, the league said it would add unvaccinated players to its existing symptom screening and testing surveillance programs. Anyone who reports symptoms will be tested.

“The NFL’s most recent COVID-19 data release reported that 95% of players and nearly 100% of staff members are vaccinated. The change will apply to a small group of people.”

It’s important to note the fact that there are only eight teams left in the playoffs, and there are roughly 12 unvaccinated players remaining, a source told ESPN.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of them.

In the memo, the NFL wrote the following:

“This comprehensive, symptom-based approach to testing reflects our recent experience with the omicron variant and conforms to current public health recommendations and best practices employed in healthcare, and offers the best opportunity for identifying and treating cases promptly and avoiding spread within the facility.”

Stay tuned for more relevant news and make sure to remain safe as well. 

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