New York Hospitals Drop Mind-Blowing News About True Reasons For Admitting ‘Covid’ Patients

New York Hospitals Drop Mind-Blowing News About True Reasons For Admitting ‘Covid’ Patients

The media is filled with titles, including the Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus these days. This is happening despite the fact that tons of experts have already addressed the mild symptoms that the new variant of the virus is displaying.

Now, something really unsettling got out and you can check out the latest reports below.

The online publication The Daily Wire notes that amidst all this is pretty easy to lose sight of some important issues that are taking place in the world. 

“it’s easy to lose site of ever-growing evidence that the strain appears less deadly than the Delta variant that plagued the U.S.”

Intensive care unit hospitalizations – what is the truth? 

The online publication notes that intensive care unit hospitalizations from Omicron are way down compared to those from Delta, but reports are everywhere that hospitals are being pushed to the breaking point amid the new variant.


It’s extremely important to bring forth a new report that has come out that said nearly half of those admitted to hospitals in New York were admitted for reasons other than covid 19. 

“Under pressure from Governor Kathy Hochul, hospitals in New York have disclosed that nearly half of their so-called COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized were admitted for other reasons.”

This is what the Daily Mail reported.

The reports continued and said the following: 

“Of the roughly 11,500 COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized in the state, COVID was not included as one of the reasons for admission for 43 percent, according to data Hochul released on Friday.”

The UK paper also revealed these unsettling facts that you can see below:

“In New York City, the rate was even higher, with 51 percent of current COVID patients classified as ‘with’ COVID, as opposed to ‘for’ the virus. In patients ‘with’ COVID, they were hospitalized for unrelated reasons, such as injuries in a car crash, but tested positive for the virus on the routine screening administered to all new patients and were subsequently reclassified as COVID admissions.”

Check out CNN’s latest reports:


Regarding the Omicron variant, you can check out the latest reports on the best testing variant that can find this new strain of the virus. 

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